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OdysseyWare Course Guide

Odysseyware             California Course Guide 2017-18
    • Web-based courseware ideal for blended learning,
flipped classrooms, alternative education, & more
• Co urse customization and teacher authoring
• Credit recovery, remediation & acceleration solutions
  • Videos and interactive activities
• Prescriptive learning paths & progress monitoring
• NWEATM MAP® Assessment Provider
• Search by state standards
Language Arts 300       Science 300       Business Computer Information Systems    
Language Arts 400       Science 400       Essentials of Business    
Language Arts 500       Science 500       Essentials of Communication (Speech)    
English Grade 6   2198   Science 600       Technology and Research    
English Grade 7   2198   Science Grade 7   2653        
English Grade 8   2198   Science Grade 8   2654   HEALTH
English 9 A-G 2130   Earth Science A-G 2618   Health Quest    
English 10 A-G 2131   Biology A-G 2603   High School Health    
English 11 A-G 2132   Chemistry A-G 2607   Personal and Family Living    
English 12 A-G 2133   Physics A-G 2613   Physical Education    
English I Fundamentals A-G     Environmental Science A-G     Physical Fitness    
English II Fundamentals A-G     Integrated Physics and Chemistry A-G          
English III Fundamentals A-G             ASSESSMENTS & DIAGNOSTICS
English IV Fundamentals A-G     HISTORY - SOCIAL SCIENCE   SPARK Assessment and Remediation Tool for
English Language Arts and
Spelling 300       History and Geography 300       ACT®Test Prep    
Spelling 400       History and Geography 400       GED®Test Prep    
Spelling 500       History and Geography 500       HiSET®Test Prep    
Spelling 600       History and Geography 600       TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ Prep    
        World History and Geography:
Medieval and Early Modern Times
  2734   Essentials of Mathematics    
MATHEMATICS   World Geography A-G     Essentials of Language Arts    
Mathematics 300       World Civilizations A-G     Skills and Diagnostic Tests for
English Grammar and Mathematics
Mathematics 400       United States History and Geography: Growth and Conflict   2734        
Mathematics 500       World History, Culture, and Geography:
The Modern World
Mathematics Grade 6 – Common Core   2434   United States History and Geography:
Continuity and Change in the Twentieth
A-G 2709   Calculus    
Mathematics Grade 7 – Common Core   2435   United States History: Foundations to
A-G     Comparative Government and Politics    
Mathematics Grade 8 – Common Core   2436   Principles of American Democracy A-G 2703   English Language and Composition    
Algebra I A-G     Economics A-G 2701   Human Geography    
Algebra I EOC       Civil War A-G     Macroeconomics    
Geometry A-G     Personal Financial Literacy       U.S. Government and Politics    
Geometry EOC       Psychology A-G     U.S. History    
Algebra II A-G     Twentieth Century American History            
Algebra II EOC       Vietnam Era A-G     BLENDED LEARNING LIBRARY
Algebra I Fundamentals A-G             Mathematics 700 Resources    
Geometry Fundamentals A-G*     WORLD LANGUAGES   Mathematics 800 Resources    
Algebra II Fundamentals A-G*     French I A-G     Algebra I Resources    
Integrated Mathematics I:
Common Core
A-G 2440   French II A-G     Algebra II Resources    
Integrated Mathematics II:
Common Core
A-G 2441   Spanish I A-G     Geometry Resources    
Integrated Mathematics III:
Common Core
A-G 2442   Spanish II A-G     Language Arts 600 Resources    
Pre-calculus – Common Core A-G 2444   Spanish III A-G*     Language Arts 700 Resources    
Consumer Math A-G             Language Arts 800 Resources    
Trigonometry A-G     FINE ARTS   English I Resources    
        Art History       English II Resources    
        Digital Arts       English III Resources    
        Media Studies       English IV Resources    
        Music Appreciation A-G          
As of April 2017.
A-G indicates courses are approved by UCOP. A-G* indicates new course submissions for 2017-18 pending approval by UCOP.
AP® is a registered trademark of the College Board®, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education and may not be used without permission. The GED® and GED Testing Service® brands are administered by GED Testing Service LLC under license. This work is not authorized, endorsed, or licensed by American Counsel on Education or GED testing service, and any reference to “GED” in the title or body of this work is in no way intended to imply an affiliation with, or sponsorship by, GED testing service or any state or entity authorized to provide GED® branded goods or services. ACT® is the registered trademark of ACT, Inc. TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ is a brand name and trademark for McGraw-Hill School Education Holdings, LLC. TOEIC [HiSET®] is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This product is not endorsed or approved by ETS.
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Odysseyware       California Course Guide 2017-18
As more schools expand CTE programs, Odysseyware is here with a wide array of courses that fit perfectly into established CTE career clusters. Our rigorous, media-rich CTE courseware prepares students for the workforce and post-secondary education like nothing else can!
MIDDLE SCHOOL   HUMAN SERVICES   Odysseyware’s Growing CTE Courses
Career Explorations I     Introduction to Human Services     Explore the latest CTE courses added to
Career Explorations II     Counseling and Mental Health Services A-G*   Odysseyware.
Career Explorations III     Early Childhood Development and Services A-G*      
Keyboarding and Applications     Family and Community Services     ARTS, A/V TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS
Principles of Coding     Introduction to Consumer Services     Introduction to Careers in Arts, A/V Technology, and
      Introduction to Human Growth and Development     A/V Technology and Film Careers A-G*
AGRICULTURE, FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCES   Personal Care Services        
Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural
Agribusiness Systems A-G   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY   Introduction to Careers in Education and Training  
Animal Systems A-G   Introduction to Information Technology     Teaching and Training Careers A-G*
Environmental Service Systems A-G*   Fundamentals of Computer Systems A-G*      
Food Products and Processing Systems A-G   Fundamentals of Digital Media A-G*   FINANCE
Natural Resources Systems A-G   Fundamentals of Programming and Software
Development A-G*
    Introduction to Careers in Finance  
Plant Systems     Introduction to Information Technology Support and Services     Banking Services Careers A-G*
Power, Structural, and Technical Systems     Introduction to Network Systems     Money Matters A  
      Network System Design A-G*   Money Matters B  
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION   New Applications: Web Development in the
21st Century
Business Law A-G   Software Development Tools A-G*   GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
Career Management A-G*         Introduction to Careers in Government and Public Administration  
Office 2010 Applications 1 MicrosoftWord®,
PowerPoint®, and Publisher®
Office 2010 Applications 2 Microsoft Excel®
and Access®
A-G*   Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security        
Office 2013 Applications 1 MicrosoftWord®,
PowerPoint®, and Publisher®
A-G*   Corrections: Policies and Procedures A-G   MANUFACTURING
Office 2013 Applications 2 Microsoft Excel®
and Access®
A-G*   Fire and Emergency Services A-G*   Introduction to Careers in Manufacturing A-G*
Principles of Business and Finance A-G   Law Enforcement Field Services     Careers in Manufacturing Processes A-G
Small Business Entrepreneurship A-G*   Legal Services A-G      
Technology and Business     Security and Protective Services     MARKETING
            Introduction to Careers in Marketing  
Introduction to Careers in the Health Sciences A-G   Introduction to STEM        
Careers in Allied Health A-G*   Engineering and Design A-G   TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS
Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery     Engineering and Innovation A-G   Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics  
Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities and Unlimited
A-G   Engineering and Product Development     Careers in Logistics Planning and Management
Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Veterinarians,
and Other Doctors
A-G   Principles of Technology and Engineering A-G      
Public Health: Discovering the Big Picture in
Health Care
A-G   Science and Mathematics in the Real World A-G*      
Scientific Discovery and Development A-G*   Scientific Research A-G*      
Therapeutics: The Art of Restoring and
Maintaining Wellness
A-G*   STEM and Problem Solving A-G*      
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Systems              
Food and Beverage Management A-G*            
Food Safety and Sanitation A-G*   A-G indicates courses are approved by UCOP. A-G* indicates new course submissions for 2017-18 pending approval by UCOP.
Lodging Operations Management A-G*   Microsoft®, Microsoft Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, and Microsoft Publisher® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation® in the
Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality A-G*   United States and/or other countries. Office Applications I and II are independent publications and are not affiliated with, nor have they been authorized, sponsored, or
Planning Meetings and Special Events A-G*   otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation®
Sustainable Service Management for Hospitality
and Tourism
Transportation and Tours for the Traveler A-G*            
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