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Math Tutorials

Welcome to the UISA Math Tutorial Video page. Here you will find some of the more common stumbling blocks we run into as we learn about the world of Mathematics. Don't give up on yourself, we are here to help you succeed. These tutorials will give you additional assistance when you need it. As always, get with your teachers when you have questions or concerns.
Dr. Posner has been kind enough to devote additional time to creating new tutorial videos through YouTube for students who would benefit from some visual assistance. You may subscribe to the channel at the following link: or stay tuned and individual videos will be posted up here for your convenience as well. 
Mastery of Mathematics awaits!
Tutorial #1 - How to read fractions
Tutorial #2 - Fractions
Tutorial #3 - How to add, multiply and divide fractions
Tutorial #4 - More on how to divide fractions (A Little More on Division)
Tutorial #5 -  Intro To Linear Functions
Tutorial #6 - Slope Intercept Form (a.k.a. BMX Mountain & Volleyball)
Tutorial #7 - How to take the square root of a number (a.k.a. Vacuuming Shag Carpets)