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The Power of Partnership, Innovation and Learning
Art Class with Clay

Art Class with clay

Independent Study students on field trip to Golden Gate Bridge
Apple Farm Field trip
students posing for picture during trip
Books in the Independent Study Academy


Students working on art projects
Students working on bicycles out side Independent Study Academy
Independent Study students on a field trip
Independent Study students working on a project together.

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elf & deer

window fun 

Students handling fishing pole
Students displaying their art projects
Ukiah Independent Study Academy
Independent Study students working on art projects
guessing the answer
clay project

clay project 

Students riding on tractor
decorating Cookies

Holiday cheer 

Students caught fish on trip
Students getting ready to fish
Front of Ukiah Independent Study Academy
Staff dressed up for Halloween

Staff fun 

group still riding on tractor
preparing rods for fishing off the pear
students touring the farm
drawing pictures
students sitting on tractor ride
more clay projects

more clay projects 

Potter Valley Apple farm trip

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